Who Can Use This Indexing Service?

Indexification is an ideal and invaluable Link Crawling & Indexing solution to the professional or to the starter webmaster alike. Anyone who owns or manages a website can take advantage of our Unique services to get his pages or backlinks indexed.

With the ability to force Search Engine bots and spiders to crawl and index your backlinks, Indexification is an unprecedented value for anyone looking to improve their ranking results.

Indexification is a great addition to SEO and Linkbuilding companies or individuals who can provide it as extra bonus to their clients!

Where & How Do I Sign up for my Indexification Account?

To sign up and begin using our service please click on the red button "Create Account" located on the very top right in our site and simply follow the onscreen instructions.

Creating account and begin using our service is very plain and simple and takes no more than 2-3 minutes!

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

Paypal is our main payment processor. You can purchase Indexification subscription using Your Paypal balance or pay directly with your Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, E-check.

Our backup payment processor is Plimus/BlueSnap through which You can again pay by any major brand credit card!

In case You are not able to pay via any of the methods above, ot You just like to Pay with alternate method, simply Contact Us and let Us know how You would like to pay!

What Sites Do You Allow in Your Service?

We allow everything that is legal!

What Type of Sites this Service is Good For?

Our service works fine on any kind of sites, pages and backlinks. As long as it is a published page online, it will work.

If You want Google to find your links just submit them to Us!

Why is Indexing so Important for my Backlinks?

Your newly generated backlinks are brand new websites containing a link to Your site. As You need Search Engines to come crawl Your new website and index it, the same way You need the Search Engines to crawl Your backlink pages and index them. That way those backlinks actually start counting and benefiting for Your site's ranking.

If Your backlinks aren't crawled and indexed then You just wasted Your time building them or wasted Your money purchasing them!

Will using Your Indexing Service sandbox my site or penalize it?

Absolutely not!

Our service is setup so that it leaves zero footprints and is absolutely safe, using purely legal and whitehat tactics.

We use wide range of domains for link shortening, all private registered. All are hosted on different IPs. We use multiple private and public proxies to do the pinging. We do lots more that is our secret ingredient!


Many people do not understand what exactly these two words mean and what is the exact difference between them.

CRAWLING is every time the automated bots (spiders) of the Search Engines that gather information from the web visit a web page. This is the first important thing for every new page. If a web page is never visited by a spider it means it remains undiscovered and never will have a chance to be indexed. Indexification services provide You a 100% guaranteed crawl rate of all Your pages submitted to us!

INDEXING is including a web page in the Search Engines` index and showing it up in search results. Indexing can only happen if a web page is firstly crawled by the Search Engine spiders. After the crawl the Search Engine itself evaluates the page and if it consider it valuable, it indexes it. As You probably understand only the Search Engine itself can control should it index the page or no.

Noone can give You a guarantee that a page will be indexed, nor We do as well. Everyone giving You a 100% guarantee on the Indexing is simply lying You. Such a guarantee can only be given by the Search Engine itself and noone else. However, during our continuous tests on thousands of web pages using our methodologies included in Indexification's service, We have been monitoring Indexing range from 70%~95% of all pages submitted to Us!

What are Your Guarantees exactly on the services You provide?

As explained already in "CRAWLING vs INDEXING" noone can give You a guarantee on Indexing. Noone, period! We want You to clearly understand that!

We guarantee You 100% link crawling, meaning that if You submit to us for example 1000 pages We will make the Search Engine spiders visit and crawl all 1000 of Your pages! One of the advantage of providing You with link shortening is that We can track the visits and make do our best until We make the spiders crawl Your links to 100%.

From our continuous tests on thousands of web pages using our very same methodologies and tracking the indexing percentage We have been monitoring Indexing to a rate of 70% to 95%. It all depends on the pages being submitted for having better chance to be indexed or not. Thats why and the Indexing rate vary by whole 25%.

My links aren't showing as being crawled. What is wrong?

Absolutely nothing is wrong! Take in mind that once Your link go live in our system We invite the crawlers immediately, but they might not come right after that. Sometimes they come just instantly, sometimes they come after 5 minutes, sometimes after 5 hours, sometimes after a day or two.

Just so You know, the Search Engine spiders are crawling the whole Internet and each milisecond they are doing work. They are always at work, so We really can't expect immediate crawling at all times!

I am getting Pretty Low Index Rates and I am not Happy!

Well, We know how You feel, but let Us explain You something!

As We already said, noone can guarantee You Indexing. Nowadays with the extreme Internet expansion, Search Engines are pretty picky what to Index and what not. There are probably hundreds of factors that impact Indexing.

You need to understand that some pages are pretty hard to Index and some of the major factors We discovered are:

  • The page is on a domain spammed too much
  • The site loading speed is slow
  • There are more than 100 outbound links on the page
  • There is very few text and content on the page

There are lots more factors that count, but Link building is about numbers, big numbers. People do lets say 20K Blog comments blast and if they get half of them indexed, they are happy! You can't expect to spam 20K blogs, most of them which are slow, crappy and full of spam and expect Search Engines not to see that and Index the page.

Another good example is the backlink sticking rate. Lots of Your built backlinks will be deleted or removed within some time. Ofcourse, Search Engines won't index a page returning a "404 Not Found" error.

Can I see the sites in Your Network?

We don't share the exact identity of the sites in our network. This is done to protect our customers and the web sites themselves.

I need to submit more than 50K sites a day. What should I do?

In case You need to submit more than 50K sites a day, the simplest solution is to get another account.

However if You want everything to be within one account, You can simply Contact Us and lets discuss the limits You need!

Can I submit my Clients' and Friends' backlinks as well?

Absolutely! You are welcome to submit any kind of links into Your account.

In case You need to submit more than 50K links a day, simply Register another account or Contact Us and lets discuss the link limits You need!

Why use scheduling and not just publish all links at once?

Building large amount of links at once is very dangerous and there is a high risk of triggering the Sandbox. Spreading Your links exposure in a time period is much, much safer method proven to work better!

Using scheduling You minimize the risk of hitting the Sandbox trigger and help maximize results of Your backlinking campaign.

What happens with my Links if I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel Your subscription at anytime and We will not touch any of Your links. We just put Your account on "freeze", so that no new links will be processed.

How much time You keep the Shortened Links Up?

We purge all Campaigns after 7 days of their completion. Basically there is no value for You to keep the links more than that. By that time Your links were 100% crawled, spidered couple of times, and whichever was classified as quality by the Search Engines is indexed. There is really no need for our links to stay as they are just a 301 Redirect.

Besides that, purging old and unnecessary information helps us maintain server stability, performance and reliability. That keeps our service running smooth and providing You high quality results!
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